Jessica B. Burstrem

5361 Graywing Ct                                               (480) 334-0730

Columbia, Maryland 21045                             


Primary Research Interests:

·         Native peoples’ Washington football team name change movement

·         Modes of resistance, including social movements, popular culture, film, literature, gender & mothering studies, Black cultural studies, American Indian studies, narrative time, representation, qualitative methodologies

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University of Arizona
    Literature and film: 2 different courses, 4 terms total

    Composition: 4 different courses, 24 sections total

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies: 3 different courses, 4 terms total

·         GWST 300: Methods of GWST, Spring 2022 (1 section, 11 students, in person course)

o   Writing Intensive course designation

o   Some “guest” teaching, workshop facilitation, assignment design, & student feedback

·         GWST/AMST 210: Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies, Spring 2021 (1 section, 35 students total, fully online course)

o   Teaching support, some grading

·         GWST 100: Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies, Spring 2021 (2 sections, 59 students total, fully online course)

o   Some “guest” teaching, teaching support, some grading

·         GWST 100, Fall 2020 (4 sections, approx. 120 students total, fully online course)

o   Light grading

o   Also Fall 2021 (3 sections, approx. 85 students total, hybrid course) & Spring 2022 (2 sections, approx. 50 students total, in person course)


University of Maryland, University College (now U of Maryland, Global Campus)

    Composition: 3 different courses, 3 sections total


Central Arizona College
    Composition: 3 different courses, 9 sections total

University of Florida University Writing Program
    Composition: 2 different courses, 7 sections total


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Selected Service:

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·         Planning committee, UMBC Dresher Center for Humanities Inclusion Imperative Symposium, 2022

·         Hosting multiple weekly virtual communal work sessions for friends, colleagues, & members of ASAIL and the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Apr. 2021-Jan. 2022

·         Website Director, BROAD Media at Loyola U (Chicago), 2015

·         Guest Editor, In Labor, special issue no. 81 of BROAD Magazine (June 2015)

·         Moderator, “Untold Cultural Stories: Vikings, Indians, and African Americans,” with Annette Kolodny and Thadious M. Davis, Tucson Festival of Books, 9 Mar. 2013 (by invitation)

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Relevant Technical Proficiency:

·         Collaborative and online teaching/meeting/presentation software such as Google suite, Adobe Connect, Zoom, and Skype